Shenzhen Guonengjinli Science and technology Co.,LTD(GNJL), located in Shenzhen, China, primarily produces DC Brushless Fans, Axial fans,UV fans,Led fans, AC Axial Fans, Cross Flow Fans, DC Blowers, Frameless Fans, Fan Guards, and etc. The GNJL has a strong Research& Development (R&D) team. The factory has the capability to produce all kinds of DC or AC Fans, with over half a million pieces monthly production capacity. The GNJL has established nationwide business relationships with various brand enterprises in China, such as TCL,KONKA,MIDEA,SAMSUNG, etc. The GNJL strives to meet its clients’ needs through constantly improvement of its products and services. Please try the GNJL products. 

               As the GNJL has a in-house design team and high-efficiency manufacturing capability, so the GNJL can accept all kinds of orders and deliver in a timely manner. The GNJL pursues applicable certification of UL,CE,CUL,TUV,SGS, and REACH for our products. All of the GNJL products comply with all applicable UL safety requirements. The factory commits to the compliance with these standards through strengthening management and implementing the SGS quality management system strictly. The GNJL has a high-quality effective management team and a skilled technical team. The GNJL also has some advanced testing equipment, such as PQ Measurement machine for fans, Silent-Cabinet, Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Machine, Magnetic Measurement machine, Salt-Spray Testing Room, dynamic balancing machine etc, so the GNJL has the ability to supply all kinds of fans, especially customized fans. 
               The GNJL produces all kinds of AC/DC fans widely used in personal computers, domestic appliances, audio series, network communications, industrial equipment, medical equipment, inverter, transformer, converter, electric welding machine, video and other peripheral equipment for cooling, ventilation equipment and etc. 

                 Along with the fast and steady growing, the GNJL has expanded the scale of the factory. Now the workshop area is more than 1,500 square meters. The GNJL has hired more than 100 skilled employees and maintained a lower employee turnover rate compared to other companies in the industry. The GNJL recognizes its employees as the most important assets of the factory. The GNJL’s employees enjoy their staying with the company and hope growing with the company side by side.

Business philosophy 
To be an honest company and person, we are concentrate on building an excellent GNJL brand in order to fulfill the demand of the company development and customers. 

An honest person do honest things forever. We fully respect the development of the natural law. We insist that the continual invention and innovation are the core values.

Quality is everything, We hope our GNJL brand will be the pronoun of premium quality, high technology and market pioneer. 

We believe that the innovation and invention are the best way to make GNJL maintain its development in the industry.